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How to renew your car registration online in Dubai?
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How to renew your car registration online in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries with an increasing number of automobiles. In fact, it’s called the city of cars. Actually, The government is continuously taking numerous initiatives to keep roadways safer.

As a result, the renewal of automobile registration/car registration is becoming more legislating. Now, car registration is a reasonably simple procedure. You can complete your car’s registration entirely online.

This article will help you how to renew your car registration online in Dubai? After the pandemic hit, most of the users prefer online car renewal. Dubai Govt. has made it quite easier for its residents, aiming safety and its mission for going Paperless.

What is car registration?

Motor car registration is a mandatory certification. Government certifies it under RTA. However, if unable to do registration, you cannot take the vehicle on road.

Fee for registration a vehicle may vary depending upon the type of vehicle. In case of, commercial vehicles service charges will be higher.

What things do you need to renew car registration?

  • Emirates ID.
  • Valid visa and passport .
  • Digital insurance policy.
  • Previously issued Registration Card (Mulkeya).
  • Car inspection certificate.
  • Driving License

How to renew your car registration online in Dubai?


You can register a car by going to the RTA’s website or installing and using the RTA Dubai mobile app.


Search and enter the information of your car, plates, and categories of vehicles.


Now choose the delivery method and confirm your registration.

Step: 4– Pay with a credit card.

You will get a hard copy of the registration certificate in your email after properly registered. It is wise to keep a duplicate of this e-registration card with you at all times.

What is the offline procedure of renewing car registration in the grace period?

When you proceed with auto registration renewal, consider that you must first pay all of the fines and clear the black points. However, charges in Dubai may be paid through the RTA website or mobile app. It is not difficult to pay charges by using the mentioned sites.

You may take your automobile to any RTA testing site to acquire a clearance certificate. This process is often performed to determine whether or not the vehicle is roadworthy.

Important Thing:

  • You need to visit the RTA office and wait in line to pay the costs for the renewal.
  • After that, you will get a new inspection sticker.


  • You can prevent or eliminate the need for conventional registration cards.
  • It’s possible by exchanging them with digital registration cards. Therefore, the RTA launched the “My Vehicle” project.

Benefits of car registration in Dubai:

  • The first significant benefit you gain as a citizen of Dubai is your own protection. The law demands that your car be secure for you to use
  • For this reason, an approved-registration renewal exam is required.
  • Every year huge numbers of automobiles are tested. As a result, vehicle accident is nearly low in UAE.

What if I don’t renew my vehicle registration on time?

If your car registration expires, you will get one month to renew it. Driving a car without proper insurance is a crime and eligible for fines per month. Besides, the outdated registration number is also the same.

Can someone else do my car registration work?

Yes, You may use RTA’s “Personal Appearance Service”. As a result, others will do it for you. You have to go to an RTA contact center once and submit the information here. You will get a PIN on your own phone. Most importantly, Anyone using this PIN can complete your RTA registration on your behalf.

Actually, you can register many vehicles in a single name through this procedure.


Do really to know whait is the best thing in How to renew your car registration online in Dubai?

You can renew auto insurance online. As a result, you will not have to depend on anybody. Besides, insurance providers send out renewal notices on a regular basis.


  1. How long is the car registration in Dubai valid?

It is valid for one year.

2. What is the car registration cost in Dubai?
The cost of registering a new automobile in Dubai will be AED 420. However, For a driving file, it will an extra AED 220.
3. Is there a grace period for car registration in Dubai?

Yes, drivers have 30 days after their car’s registration expires to renew it. If fails, the fee will be very high.

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