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Top countries with Extraordinary lifestyles

The world is progressing day by day. Living standards are enhancing with the advancement in technology. Consequently the quality of life is increasing and so is the urge of people to work for a better lifestyle. People around the globe are working day and night, to get an up-standard lifestyle.

While looking for an extraordinary lifestyle many factors are taken into consideration. From health to home facilities, all account for a good lifestyle. So, the definition of an extraordinary lifestyle is different for different people. Some people want to be surrounded by nature while for some an extraordinary lifestyle is the lavish life of a big city. Moreover, people want a good climate to breathe in and some prefer education and learning platforms.

Many countries in the world are on the list of fulfilling all the mentioned demands and hence are providing a lifestyle worth living. Numbeo has given an index listing the top-ranking countries that provide astonishing living standards. This index includes factors which are:

  • Quality of life
  • Purchasing Power
  • Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Cost of living
  • Pollution and Climate
  • Property price to income ratio

Some of the top-ranking countries as per these indexes are:


Switzerland is ranked among the top places in the world. It has scenic beauty. It also offers a comfortable lifestyle along with clean air, and good education facilities. Additionally, the infrastructure and transport services have made inter-city travel easier. People feel safe as it has near to no crime rate. Moreover, people love the place because of its natural beauty and aesthetics. It has the lowest inflation and unemployment rates. Public debt is the least and people are comfortable here with no poverty.

Source: Unsplash, Kandersteg, Switzerland.


Denmark is also ranked amongst the top countries that offer extraordinary life quality. It is a hub linking Europe with the rest of the world. Further, it offers free health care and medical facilities with leading tourism and food processing industries. The education system is also free for all. It has one of the most efficient, hardworking, and productive workforces in Europe. It has the least working days and employees are given a family vacation of 5 weeks per year. Denmark emerged out very strongly in the pandemic situation. Also, it has managed to secure its position in the top ranks amid the COVID situation. It has an inflation rate of 1.3% and the unemployment rate of 5%.

Source: Unsplash, Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands, a European country with a population of 17 million. Yet, it is a tolerant society. Cities are connected with pathways of 20,000 miles and 1000 bridges. It is a water city and the birthplace of many inventions. During COVID, the government handled the situation by introducing Intelligent Lockdown measures which had far-reaching effects. Additionally, the public is educated and has the free will to make their own decisions. People survive on a “work hard play hard” mindset. People here have extraordinary lifestyles along with strict discipline routines.

Source: Unsplash, Rotterdam, Netherland.


Finland, Famous for its aesthetic beauty, it is also on the list of countries providing quality life to its natives. It has a booming civilization. It has an unemployment rate of 6%. The inflation rate is 1.2%. It has a parliamentary democracy and provides highest of the civil rights protection, press freedom, and quality of life as well. The country has a free-market economy and most of its economy is spent on public services. It has the least pollution index of 11. It also has the lowest living cost index. People are reserved but are spending a quality life.

Source: Pixabay


Austria has low unemployment rates. The life expectancy rates are high. Inflation rates are also the lowest. It has a high per capita income. People here are less stressed and feel more secure and protected. It is a city of lakes. Forest occupies two-third of the total area. It has a good chemical industry. It has a score of 19 on the pollution index and 75 on the cost of living index.

Source: Unsplash, Hall Stat Austria.


Australia is a land of civilized people. People here are sports lovers. It has a market-based economy so is a wealthy country. It has a high life expectancy rate globally. Australians are highly concerned about environmental issues. People are safer here as it has a high score in the security index. It is a diverse country and is inhabiting different cultures and nationalities.

Source: Unsplash, Sydney Harbour, Australia..


Iceland is the most peaceful country according to the Institute of Economics and Peace. It also ranks high in the gender equality index and offers a good lifestyle in almost all factors. With free healthcare and education facilities, it has a high score on the security index. The environment here is clean and less polluted. The crime rate is extremely low in Iceland. The game of chess is in the soul of the people of Iceland. It has a large network of public libraries as well. During COVID, the government handled the situation smartly and gave wages to the people even when they were staying at home.

Source: Pixabay


Germany a populated European country. It has one of the greatest economies and ranks high in security and environment index. Moreover, it has a highly efficient workforce. People here respect the law and order of the country. Germany has eminent policies regarding gender equality, LGBTQ rights, and immigration. Education is free and people are more secure. The environment of the country is stable.


Sweden has ranked high in the list of countries with quality lifestyles. Its social structure and accountability institutions are strong. It has an equal distribution of the economy. Its transportation facilities are good. The country’s infrastructure is advanced. Healthcare and education are free for the public. It also has a high life expectancy rate and a score of 18 on the pollution index which means that environment is free of pollution. It scores 52 on the world security index.

Source: Unsplash, Photo by Elin Gann


Norway is a maritime cultured country. People here generate a high income. People are devoted to sports and are more rooted in families. Higher education is mostly free. The country scored 65 on the security index. It is a pollution-free country as it scores 18 on the pollution index. Norway is giving a quality life to its people by providing secure education and a clean environment.

Source: Unsplash, Bryggen, Bergen, Norway by Michael Fousert.

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